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Texas Cooking produces two free newsletters for our readers. The Texas Cooking Newsletter lists our latest articles and recipes, plus it includes information about Texas related events, books and fun trivia. We also throw in several favorite old recipes and articles from our library.

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We award ten free Texas Cooking T-shirts every month to our newsletter subscribers. Active newsletter subscribers are automatically in the contest. T-shirt winners are announced in the monthly newsletter.

We also publish the weekly Recipe of the Week Email, which highlights two great kitchen-tested recipes from Grandma's Cookbook.

Subscribing to the newsletter is a two-step process. Because everyone is concerned about spam and other unsolicited email these days, we maintain a double opt-in list. This means that you have to tell us twice that you want to receive our newsletter so we can be absolutely sure that we do not send out any unwanted email.

The first step is filling out the form below. If you would like to review our Privacy Policy, here it is:

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  • Texas Cooking
    The Texas Cooking newsletter highlights all the newest features and reviews on TexasCooking.com and Texana websites. It has been going out monthly to readers for over ten years.
  • Recipe of the Week
    The Recipe of the Week newsletter will appear in your Inbox each week, except the week when our monthly newsletter is published. It features at least two kitchen tested recipes from Grandma's Cookbook.


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